The Barn  We recently completed an exciting barn conversion project in North Norfolk, where our client envisioned creating two distinct holiday homes within the converted space that could easily be joined for family gatherings.

Our design involved a sound-insulating vertical separation wall, complete with staircases on either side, dividing the barn into two functional units. The ground floor hosts kitchens, the second floor offers living spaces with access to scenic views, and bedrooms and bathrooms are situated on the top floor. The existing downstairs utility room was transformed into a dining room, and we opted for a cohesive design with white paint throughout the house, sea-grass choir on the first and second levels, and timber floorboards on the ground level. Despite spatial constraints in bathrooms and bedrooms, the compromise allowed us to accommodate five double bedrooms, two common bathrooms, an ensuite, and two separate downstairs toilets. Access between the two sides is facilitated by a downstairs lobby, while a door on the top-level stair landings provides flexible access up and down.

The innovative design allows the house to be easily opened up or closed down as needed. Additionally, we made minor alterations to the existing flint and chalk walls. We enjoyed working on this project so much that we've set up a temporary office in the building. If you're in the area, we invite you to come and see the transformation!
Burnham Overy Staithe,
Norfolk, UK


£180,000 GBP



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