Tiny Church
In response to the Danish Peoples Church's request for designs for a new temporary church in Nordhavn, we re-imagined the traditional Lutheran-based Danish church architecture in Copenhagen as flexible, movable, and sustainable.

Our proposal features a central gathering room flanked by a small kitchen, a storage room, and an external reception area. We utilized recycled shipping containers as a structural and demountable skeleton, externally insulated and clad in red-stained Siberian larch, paying homage to local timber construction traditions. The containers rest on removable pile-driven foundations, and skylights replace roof plates, allowing natural light to fill the interior. The facade incorporates a 'pinched' effect, adding height and making it a local landmark while providing relief from its otherwise monolithic appearance.

Externally, timber ramps, reminiscent of local fishing piers, offer level-free access, dividing the site into distinct spaces for outdoor events and activities. Although the church didn’t move forward with our propsoal, we see significant potential in this approach to temporary place-making, offering a novel and elegant solution for clients seeking a light-touch approach to their building projects.

Nordhavn, Copenhagen


1.5mil DKK




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